Thursday, August 18, 2011

Goat Cheese Crostini

Caprese Salad on toasted bread. That's what this is. I lightly toasted the slices of French bread..then spread some goat cheese(that I just happened to have leftover from the pizza recipe I blogged about the other day) on it and topped it with the ingredients listed below:

Mix together:
diced tomatoes
slivered basil
balsamic vinegar
drop of olive oil

This wasn't an original idea (although I think I could have thought of this), but it's based off an idea at a restaurant I have raved about before, Cafe Hollander. We had this appetizer when we ate there with Paul's sister and her husband on a gorgeous summer night recently. It tasted just as good at home:)

The other night Eleanor and I weren't really hungry for dinner (it was on her very quick swimming hiatus), and she suggested that we just have these. Excellent idea!

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