Monday, August 1, 2011

Goat Cheese, Greens, and Garlic

These aren't from the garden...although those tomatoes are on the way. We had some extras from the store, so some freshly ground salt and freshly ground pepper and we were good to go. That was the perfect thing to serve with this pizza.

I had some chard that I had blanched and frozen from the CSA box a couple weeks ago and decided to use it since it is likely that there will be more greens coming our way.

Paul did the lip curl/sneer when I mentioned this was the dinner plan, but he was won over after trying this recipe. The crust was really good but did require planning ahead. I really did let it rise as recommended in the recipe. It was OK since I made it in the early afternoon, ran some errands, punched down the dough, drove to the Y for swimming and body pump, and finished it when we came home.

I was thinking about making the pizza Elizabeth posted earlier this summer but felt I should try something else...just for the sake of the blog.

Greens+Garlic+Goat cheese=GOOD
I would make this recipe again...for sure.

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