Friday, August 19, 2011

Getting Organized for the School Year

Meals...they come around day after day...if I'm ready or not.

I like the change of the seasons to vary my cooking. In the summer we eat a lot of veggies very simply...roasted in salads or sandwiches. Fall in the midwest gets me thinking about soups and stews and crockpot recipes. We're experiencing some cooler mornings now, so I'm turning my thoughts to those types of recipes. The school forms are rolling in and so are the lesson scheduling requests....and the money is flying out of the checkbook....all meaning fall is not too far behind.

The past few years I have gone through my recipe box and pulled out a few cards of fall sounding recipes. I have paged through cookbooks and made a list of recipes...usually until I get about 30 or so recipes on deck. Then, each week I choose about 4 of them to make. I have found that help coordinate my ingredients, cilantro for a couple recipes instead of just one...etc.

This fall will be a bit different since Eleanor won't be swimming club. Sniff. Sniff. High school swimming will be different with it being a bit more about the meets rather than the training. I think I will end up with a bit more time when I get home from work since we won't be dashing off to the Y every day; but it still is nice to be organized. I'll still get to the Y for a few classes but the rhythm of after school activities will change a bit.

So, as the summer wanes, I'm looking for some of my chili recipes and my crockpot recipes and starting my pile of warm and cozy meals. I'm still enjoying summer, but I can feel it coming to an end for this year.

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