Sunday, November 4, 2012

Olive Biscuit Cookies

Olive Biscuit Cookies

I ran into this recipe while cruising the web a couple months ago and was intrigued.  I just needed to make these for the perfect occasion, which I knew would present itself at some point.  The thing is, with working full time, I have lost the niceties in life.  Sending my SIL flowers after a recent surgery.....not done.  Getting together with friends....not done as much as I would like.  However, I really miss my peeps from the dorms at violin camp.  Our kids have grown and don't need us at camp for the entire week any more.  It's a bit sad...these kids all big teenagers now.  But, our kids all still take violin from the awesome-est teacher....and our friendship remains, even though we aren't all getting reprimanded by the RA in the dorm (I really have been reprimanded more as an adult in the dorm than as a college student).

It just takes a bit of planning to get all of us together a couple times a year.  We like to meet for coffee; however, I had the idea for a late afternoon/early evening party since our kids are now all in the group that meets on Friday from 4:30-6.  Hmm...doesn't seem like coffee should be the beverage of choice now......

So, I decided to have a wine and whine party.  And throw in some crab to go with our wine.  And these little biscuits seemed like just the thing to add to the party as well.

We really are not a whiny bunch though.  We tend to be "glass half full" people either because we have been indoctrinated in the Suzuki method or because we lean that way normally and are attracted to the Suzuki method.  That being said, there really isn't much to whine about.  It was a crazy week at work...but we tend to be more of the people who are thankful for work and productivity and being busy, etc.  So the party really wasn't so much about whining but more about catching up.  And I like the IDEA of a crab and whine and wine party. 

So, along with my goal to set aside time to meet up with friends a bit more frequently...and get back into the blog habit, I'm trying to get a bit better about keeping the things in life that are nice and special.  And, I really do like the work that I do.  It's just a bit to juggle with exercise and eating healthy and cleaning my house.

And these cookies were just the thing to make.  I really really liked these!

This is from the blog, 101Cookbooks
I made it exactly like the recipe, believe it or not:)
I used regular canned black olives; nothing exotic on the mushroom front.

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