Thursday, November 3, 2011

Scrambled Tofu

I don't often make scrambled tofu since I think that the egg is an awesome food. Why have tofu when you can have eggs? But, I had a package of tofu that had last week's date as a "sell by" date so it really needed to be used. Tofu is one of those things I like to get at Trader Joe's and can always use it in a stir fry. This package was remaining, and I knew I had to figure out a way to use it. I don't like to waste food...someone grew it, someone picked it, someone packaged it, someone shipped it, and I bought it. Not to say that sometimes things get away from me, but I do try to make use of things I buy.

I had come across this scrambled tofu recipe on a blog I like, so I thought that would be a good use for this package. I also keep some of the Trader Joe's chorizo in the freezer (almost always), so I noticed the rave reviews that blogger had about it also. I had a large bag of potatoes that my parents brought me last weekend since they had gotten a coupon at the Green Bay Packers game for a bag of free potatoes. They couldn't use two, so they asked if I could use some. Sure, I can always use them.

I baked two potatoes in the microwave, chopped and onion and a pepper, and put my extra firm tofu in a strainer with a pot of water on it to drain the water. After sauteeing the onion and pepper and adding shredded potatoes, tofu chorizo (used 1/2 package as I have a plan for the other part this week), pressed tofu, and a bit of cheddar cheese...I had breakfast.

Really I'll probably use eggs when I make this again; however, this was a good option as well.

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