Saturday, November 19, 2011

Leek Tarts

It must have been a great year for leeks.  Wow!  We sure seemed to get a lot of them in the CSA box this year.  Leek soup seems to be my usual use for them.  I got a huge bunch last week in the box and decided I needed to come up with another use for them. I decided on leek tarts but really made them the easy way by purchasing some puff pastry.  Sendik's looks like the locusts have been through it lately with many items completely off the shelves; I'm attributing this to the Packers winning ways.  For awhile this fall the Brewers were still playing, the Badgers were doing really really well, and our Super bowl champions were winning and winning.  But, I'm not so sure what's going on now...but maybe it has to do with the Green Bay Packers.

Anyway, puff pastry sheets were out of stock but the puff pastry tart shells were still on the shelf, so I nabbed those.  Eleanor hadn't seen those before and thought they were about the most awesome thing.  I baked them and popped out the middles (which she got).  I sauteed leeks in butter slowly over low heat.  When the shells were done I sprinkled a bit of bleu cheese in the bottom and topped them with the leeks.

So, probably the soup is a bit healthier than the puff crust, but we did enjoy these decadent treats!

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