Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Baked Potato Bar

Lately I have been thinking about baked potatoes a bit.  Paul's work group often has a baked potato bar when they buy, cook, and serve at a local food pantry.  Eleanor said that it is a common meal at Forensics meets.  And, my friend Amy has just taken over the swim meet coach food job which involves coming up with people to donate food and meal theme ideas that can be carried out with little electricity due to the current room situation.  Anyway, I thought it would be a good meal to have at home some night.  Maybe I can sneak some leftovers into the meal without that being known (wink, wink) and use up the free potatoes my parents got for me at a recent Packer football game.

The tricky part for me on this is baking the potatoes.  I decided that I could bake the potatoes when I was home in the early morning and hold them in a crockpot until dinner.  Then, I wondered why I even put them in the oven at all.  So, after just about 10 minutes of potatoes in the oven I threw them all in the crockpot (dry) and put the setting on low.  It worked out great!  I'll do that again for sure but probably leaving the potatoes in the slowcooker the entire time.   That was the experiment portion of this dinner.

For potato toppings this time I used:
sour cream
cheese (bleu/cheddar)

If I were a bit more scheduled about meals I would probably put this into a regular rotation.  This would be a great way to use up chili, pulled pork, chicken, etc.

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