Wednesday, November 2, 2011

And the weeks go on....

Menu planning....check out my friend Erin's blog(organizednowplease) about how she's outlining each month instead of each week for meals at her house.Sometimes I pull more recipes than I need for one week and have them "on deck" for the following. Hey, whatever works! Sometimes all different combinations time a month of meals, one time a week of meals, etc.

I still like to do each week but adjust as needed. For example, last week:
chicken soup
soy chorizo tacos
pad Thai
crockpot pork
pizza thing with chicken apple sausage and squash

What really happened was the chicken soup was used for lunches, we ate ate Noodles after a swim meet since we were riding with friends and that's their tradition after Whitefish Bay swims against Grafton, and I didn't have time to make pizza so we had the chicken apple sausage and squash over pasta.

That meant that the pad Thai was moved to the following week along with:
turkey meatloaf, and CSA veggies
squash soup (for lunches)
rice con queso
Brit noodles

I just find that I don't need to plan something for every night since we end up with too much food that way. Leftovers usually are on the menu for at least one night each week...and sometimes, when Eleanor goes to the spaghetti dinner, we just end up eating a salad or bruschetta or something.

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