Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Recipe Box

Ah....how to keep all the recipes organized?
I have been through a few different methods and really like my current systems. I often clip recipes from magazines or get copies from others and keep them in a drawer until they are tried in our house. If we don't like it, then I toss the recipe. If we like it, it's considered "card worthy" and goes on a card in the recipe box (thanks to the Seinfeld episode for the wording idea).

My box was getting too full and the cards were jammed into the box. Voila! My dad had come up with this idea for my mom when that happened to her recipes...the oversize recipe box. He made one for me too....and my mom did a few stencils on the side. There's room for more recipes...hooray.

And that card in the front means I'll be making that recipe soon...so watch for that one in a upcoming blog since it's already been determined to be card worthy!!

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