Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mint Chocolate Shake and Summer Shape Up

Does the title of this blog post make you a bit ill? I thought this shake sounded absolutely disgusting when it was sent to me by my "Summer Shape Up" team leader and friend, Kelly. The thought of peppermint tea and ice and chocolate chips and yogurt really turned my stomach.

Surprisingly, it wasn't bad. That's Minnesota-speak for it was good. Paul didn't like it but his expectations weren't as low as mine maybe it's all in how low the bar is? I did notice that he drank all of his, so it couldn't have been that bad for him.

Summer Shape is a program through our local Y with different activities highlighted each week to motivate a member to.....shape up for summer. Points are tallied for various cardio/strength training activities with extra points acquired for working out with a team member. There are bonus points available for trying the suggested recipes, so that's why I was going to make this shake no matter how bad it sounded. It really was OK, so I'll have to experiment a bit with tea being used in a smoothie/shake. I did make it fairly close to the recipe except I used vanilla protein powder instead of chocolate since that is what we have.

There are recipes every week in this program, so I'll blog about more of them as I make them.

What do we get for being in this program? Besides our fitter selves for summer, we will get a T-shirt. I don't know why I'm feeling so competitive about the points on this....GO BLEACHER BUTTS!!! Didn't Kelly come up with a great name for a team composed of swim parents?

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