Monday, April 25, 2011

Fun Waffles

(Bruxie's version is pictured to the left)
A few years ago I had a great idea to start a waffle business with various waffle toppings on the waffles. I guess it was a good idea, since there is a booming business similar to this idea in my sister's town. The truth is, even though I had this idea, mine probably wouldn't be this good...and anyway...this guy followed through and really started this place.

My sister lives in a SoCal town that has miles of unique California bungalows and a downtown walkable from her house. This seems pretty unusual to me in the land of tract housing and strip malls, but it really is a cute town complete with a traffic circle in the middle of town with a pretty fountain. To be sure, it is a California town with two Starbucks on the circle...but there are some unique stores and restaurants as well. Chapman University is a couple blocks north of the circle, so there are pedestrians. Anyway, previously there was a walk-up ice cream stand that didn't seem to be open very often. On this visit, there was new life (and regular hours) for this place. Bruxie's is the waffle place serving sweet and savory waffles and....Wisconsin frozen custard. When my sister, Lisa, asked about the Wisconsin custard the owner told her that he had a friend from Wisconsin who told him that he had to serve that if he ever started a restaurant....and so he did!

I ordered the goat cheese, sun dried tomato arugula "sandwich" and it was delicious while Eleanor raved about her salmon, cucumber and dill cream cheese sandwich. We had to go back later in the day to try the sweet waffle, lemon cream and berries. Lisa and Greg even let us have a bit of the Liege sundae they shared. It was decadent.....a good idea to share it!!!

The problem with this place is now we have yet another place that we will want to grab a meal when visiting them. Add this to our list of Thai Kitchen, Rubio's and the requisite In-N-Out Burger!

My version doesn't fold over as neatly as Bruxie's did. But, mine tastes great too.

I made a lemon curd as follows:
1/4 c lemon juice
zest from one lemon
1 egg
2 T sugar
I stirred constantly until the mixture thickened. Removed it from the heat and stirred in 1 T butter. I put clear wrap over the top and cooled it in the refrigerator.

Next I'm planning to make some of the savory selections.

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