Sunday, August 1, 2010

Garden pizza

Hmm...what to call this recipe? We love pizza around here and usually have it once a week or so....get ready for some innovative pizza ideas to celebrate my Italian heritage and creativity! I think it's a great way to use the veggies from the CSA box...and whatever else I have on hand. As Elizabeth does, I buy yeast and flour in bulk, so I am ready to make pizza dough just about any time I have an hour or so to let it rise.

I do like to plan meals ahead of time but find that sometimes I just need to look through what I have and use it. That's usually when we have some type of pasta or pizza to use up some of the ingredients. Since my husband isn't a fan of leftovers, I usually try to have it look fresh and new. You can decide if that was successful!

This was a new creation using what I had in stock and what sounded good. I was thinking about a BLT type pizza and a Neopolitan style pizza, so I combined what I had and came up with this one.

I use the basic dough recipe in this book by James McNair. The dough was brushed with olive oil after being spread in the pan...then topped with tomatoes. The cooked bacon, garlic and red onion were sprinkled on top along with salt and pepper. After baking it was topped with basil. It was served with some green beans, since they were in the box as well.

Every time I receive the CSA box I feel a bit overwhelmed until I can sort through it and get some inspiration. It often seems difficult when I unpack the box on Thursday night but usually I'm in good shape by Friday night. I just have to think through what I'm going to do with all these fresh items while the clock is ticking on the freshness!

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