Saturday, April 27, 2013

Thai Chicken Wrap

Even though I struggle with lunches, sometimes I come up with a good idea.  And sometimes I'm the only person who thinks it is a great idea:)

When we grill (usually on a weekend) we like to make a few extra items.  So, we made some chicken breasts for these yummy wraps.  It's a good way to get a few vegetables in our bodies at lunch....carrots, red peppers and baby greens with a few pieces of chicken breast.  Then I put some Thai peanut sauce on it and wrapped it.  I brought a while wrap to work thinking I could eat half each's just too good to wait so I ate the whole thing (it was a very large tortilla).

I felt a bit bad about myself eating it...until I talked to our department director who said that she had stopped at Wendy's that day to get a wrap or flatbread type thing...she got fries with that and a diet soda instead of the milk she ordered.  And the fries....never were on her order...but it was a rainy cold day and she had warm fries next to her.  I think we all know how that turned out!

Anyway, she did make me feel a bit better about eating the whole wrap.  I'm sure that I'll get to return the favor at some point!

I have found a great lunch idea...easy...healthy...and really really good.

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