Friday, April 26, 2013

Infused Water

The infused water craze hits our house!  We're big fans of hydrating...with all the workouts that happen with this house as the base it's a good idea to stay hydrated.  The struggle is that plain water is a bit....ahem....boring.  A few years ago we stayed at the Renaissance in Mission Viejo (on hotel points, of course) and that was our first experience with different infused waters.  We had dabbled with a few kinds at home...but now that the craze has hit the midwest, we're really into always having a pitcher of some type of water infusion in the refrigerator.

Now that my sister lives so close to that area we won't be staying at that hotel, so good thing infused water is everywhere!  In fact, Eleanor has noted that it is offered at college campuses.

We've found it's a great way to increase our water intake and use up fruit if it looks like it won't make it into us otherwise.

Ingredients?  Amounts?  The great thing is that just about anything goes.

Extra problem
Oranges...slice one and throw it in
Last strawberry in the container....slice it and add it to the mix

Throw some water and ice in the pitcher to cover the fruit and let it develop for a few hours or overnight.

There are a ton of websites with ideas on good combinationsand some give approximate amounts.
Fruit Infused Water Ideas

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