Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Samoa Brownies

You may want to stop reading right now.  These are sweet and sticky and gooey and easy and fabulous.  Just the kind of sweet where your teeth hurt.  Eleanor found the idea on Pinterest....yes, something I need to explore a bit more and put the button and a print button on this blog.  Yea, add that to my list.  Anyway, the girls tried making the samoa cookies a few weeks ago and found it was too much work and the caramel wasn't quite right.

We simplified things a bit this time.  I made the caramel from sweetened condensed milk.  This makes me feel slightly inadequate since I did not know that this could be done until recently.  Seriously, seriously delicious.  We found that it's a great caramel dip for apples....and eating the fruit must somehow balance out the wickedness of this decadent caramel.

So, peel off the label on a can of sweetened, condensed milk and cover with water and keep on a low boil for 2 hours.  That's all.  The girls toasted coconut and mixed the toasted coconut with the caramel using that as a topping for the brownies (I'm quite sure any brownie recipe will do.....I hate to admit it but we used the boxed kind).  A few melted chocolate chips were drizzled on the top.

This takes brownies to a new level!

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