Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Coconut Water Smoothie

We're smoothie fans!  Almost every day at this house is started with a smoothie....a great way to increase fruit and vegetable (but mostly fruit) intake first thing in the morning.  Sometimes I make them with yogurt or with soy milk or with orange juice; and sometimes they are green smoothies for that extra spinach intake; and sometimes instead of juice I use coconut water.  I buy Zico brand at Trader Joe's....a slightly expensive habit but it does make for a nice variety of liquid in the smoothie....a bit less sweet than when it is made with juice.  I have found that buying the individual servings works for us since we would just drink it if I bought the larger and seemingly more economical size.  I usually have a couple bottles of this on hand for those days when I run out of other liquids.

Our smoothies are usually the green monster type with the spinach, as I mentioned.  However, they do tend to change with the seasons.  For winter it is usually frozen strawberries, frozen mango, and frozen bananas along with liquid. 

A great way to start the day!

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