Sunday, January 6, 2013

Chocolate Chip Cranberry Bars

Chocolate Chip Cranberry Cream Cheese Bars

Cheese and Packers and it's a Wisco thing!

Last week I had these at work....someone brought them in as a holiday treat.  I loved these.  The tart cranberry and sweet chocolate chip flavors worked well.  And the orange peel.  I had to have the recipe.  After receiving the recipe, I really needed a chance to make these.  Cindy from work used orange peel from the grocery store spice aisle; however, the girls made it with orange zest.  Otherwise there wasn't a difference.....follow the link above to the recipe.

Fortunately the opportunity came very soon, and the girls made these for our post Big Cheese party.  Perfect since I was making slightly cheese themed food and these contain cream cheese.  Big Cheese is a swim meet for the senior girls on our swim team where the winners each get a wedge/container of the state's famed product, cheese.  The meet is in the evening which just happened to be the night of the first football playoff game (Yep....Packer victory over Vikings), sounds like all the makings of a party to me.  At the meet we were wondering if this is the only meet where the winners get cheese....perhaps so since it's hard to imagine this being a big deal in another state. The meet ended about halftime so it was perfect timing to get together for a bit outside the pool area.

So, this morning I am sitting here blogging with a fresh container of cheese spread in my refrigerator as well as a few leftovers of these bars..  I think it's going to be another good day!

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