Sunday, February 13, 2011

Freezer and Pantry Detox

It's time for a kitchen cleanse!

I'm pretty good about eating food before it goes bad...and pretty good about eating the meals put away in the freezer...but sometimes I just need to get to the bottom of the freezer and the back of the pantry. The best way for me to do this is to figure out a week where I am not going to do any grocery shopping at all. I do try to make sure that I have enough fresh fruit to get us through the week...but the rest needs to be created from items we have already.

Pantry staples are generally a good thing because I can to figure out a quick meal or two, but sometimes I do like to get to the back of the shelves and make sure I'm using things before they expire.

Summer vegetables have happily multiplied in the freezer. I start the week with a version of Elizabeth's potato soup which is great because I have a package of bacon as well. I'm going to try to put some of the frozen cauliflower and par boiled turnip in my soup also. Watch for an upcoming post on what went into this soup.

I have edamame in the pods, so I boiled that and am letting it cool to put in small bags for lunches this week. And, I think that I'll have enough peppers and chicken for fajitas this week...and enough lentils and bell peppers and leeks for lentil chili.

I have some green curry paste and coconut milk in the pantry that looks like that will make a nice creation with chicken.

Maybe a pizza with various toppings?

Stay tuned...I'll keep you posted. Get it? I'll keep you POSTED as the week progresses. There just may be some fun surprises as I get toward the bottom of this.

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