Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stir Fry

And sometimes you just need a big plate of vegetables........

After so much eating, it just seems like a big bowl of stir fry is just what the body needs. It's helpful when the refrigerator is full to just reduce the entire drawer of veggies and get them into out bodies. This is a much delayed post...the dinner was made after the last CSA box of the season. Stir fry is different every time at our house. This is how it was made this time.

heat oil in wok and add:
sliced onions
minced garlic
minced ginger
sliced peppers from freezer
sliced bok choy

I added a few sprinkles of soy sauce and sesame seeds before serving. Topped with a bit of srirachua (aka rooster sauce) it was just the nutritious thing my body was craving!

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