Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pancakes on a Summer Day

Summertime occasionally allows for the luxury of making a hot breakfast while still being able to sleep in.  This morning was one of those days where no one had to leave the house until 8 AM, so I set to work making our favorite whole grain pancakes.  Once again, the recipe comes from  Their recipe for Multigrain Pancakes is a family favorite.  I always AT LEAST double the recipe, this morning I decided to quadruple the recipe and add some banana that was too ripe to eat.  I mashed two whole bananas and added them to the liquid ingredients and I cut the sugar by 1/4(I used 6 T vs the 8 T called for when quadrupling this recipe). My kids like to eat their pancakes "au natural" with no butter or syrup right off the griddle.  The recipe, however, works great if you do choose to eat pancakes in the traditional way.  The pancakes turned out great and I now have pancakes in the freezer ready to heat and eat for a quick breakfast.
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