Saturday, February 16, 2013

Whipped Goat Cheese Appetizer

I just love food.  Can you tell?  I like to try new things; however, I don't eat out at restaurants too often.  That being said, I'm fairly selective when I do.  We have found some new places by using Groupon, but one of my favorite restaurant explorations is due to City Tins.  What are they?  Kind of an upscale-ish Entertainment book that has a local flavor.  Even better, they are sold by the orchestra children as a fundraiser, so a few dollars in Eleanor's orchestra travel fund.  So, I'm even out a bit less than the retail price...and then I get the $10 off at many of the places we like to go anyway (after spending $25).  It's hard to argue with a discounted local coupon:)

Anyway, in addition to a number of our tried and true favorites, we tried a new place the other night, Cafe Centro in a fun neighborhood of Milwaukee.  We like the neighborhood since it reminds us of our Minneapolis neighborhood...just a bit more funky urban than our present suburban home. The menu looks fabulous and Paul and I split a pizza for an entree.  The entree splitting meant we would have room to eat an appetizer as well, so we ordered the whipped goat cheese appetizer.  Hmm..nice and hot and creamy seemed to be just the thing for the winter night.

The following night we were headed to a party.  An, "it's not the end of the world" party that was my kind of casual fun and nearly last minute party.  Taking an appetizer was optional; however, I wanted to replicate the fabulous appetizer of the previous night.  So....goat cheese (room temperature) whipped with a bit of cream. For the balsamic topping I heated some fig jam and balsamic vinegar and poured it over the cheese.
I think I'll have to repeat this recipe and the restaurant with my 2013 City Tin!

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