Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Week Ahead

Ah....Sunday morning.  A bit of leisure, a bit of housecleaning and laundry, and a bit of planning (along with a run and hopefully a walk).

Last Thursday was the CSA box and a bounty of produce arrived, so I need to work on that a bit.  Yesterday I made the butternut squash and froze that for squash soup in a couple weeks; the produce is a bit overwhelming this time of year so getting some of it into a preserved state helps me feel better!!  We went to a party last night, and I made pico de gallo since there was a bag for salsa making in the box (roma tomatoes and various peppers).  There were also green and yellow bell peppers and a tomato and chard and lettuce and basil and parsley and cilantro and thyme and onions and potatoes and a cabbage.  I think there was even more, but I can't remember all of it!

I made a few meal plans and Paul ran to Sendiks on Friday night. shopping was done early this weekend.  I have a few plans for the week as far as food goes.  With the spaghetti dinners at least once a week I don't go through as many planned meals as I thought, so I still haven't made the stuffed manicotti from last week or the hearty burritos.  So, I have the ingredients for both that are canned or frozen, so those are a possibility for the week.  I'm also eyeing the Chicken Caesar Twist (hmm...if Paul grills brats today he could also grill the chicken for salad later in the week.....)on preventionrd and thinking about lentils with garlic and onions.  Paul's thinking about bratwurst since it was on sale when he was at the store (yes, there is some in our freezer).   Luisa is making kaisersmarrn for breakfast this morning, so I may have another new recipe.

Yesterday was the day of eating though, so we'll see how hungry we are today!  We went to one of our favorite places, Cafe Benelux.  My parents took us there for Eleanor's birthday and then we had a nice afternoon walking on Milwaukee's riverwalk and browsing in a few of the stores in the 3rd ward.  Then we went to a Badger/fall party and ate just a bit more.  Hmm....good thing I hit both body pump and zumba that morning.  And Paul had a bike ride and the girls had swim practice.

The dip I made in addition to the pico de gallo last night was fabulous too.  It's one of those recipes that you really don't want to know what is in it since it is best enjoyed when someone else makes it (think cheese and sausage and salty).  However, I had asked for the recipe after having it at the violin potluck so I made it for last night.  If you do know what's in it, it's best taken to a party,,,,where the salt and fat can be spread among many.  Yes, it was yummy!

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