Friday, September 28, 2012

Kung Pao Tacos...and I'm Back!

Kung Pao Taco

Guess that was a bit longer blog sabbatical than I had planned!  It's a bit of a change at this house with the full time work...and it impacts my prep time for meals.  We have still been eating well; however, I just haven't gotten around to trying too many new recipes.  And we're still getting the CSA box..that takes a bit of fun/work too.

I'm finding that it really is OK working more hours.  Sure, I really really miss the Wednesdays to catch up on things like grocery shopping, laundry, other errands, and the extra workout day.  But, I like the new work I'm doing.  The house is a bit messier on Friday nights now, but I'm finding it doesn't take too long to get it back to a tolerable level of chaos.  Now that Eleanor has her license and can drive places, I can get to body pump (and have been).  I love body pump, and I'm so happy to be back at it. I missed it, and I'm now realizing how string it helps me to be.    And, I find I'm often running with a head lamp rather than daylight.  But, it's all working.  Having a driver is really going to help things also.

I really do love Nicole's blog,, and often look to her blog for some recipe ideas.  I have been needing some new, healthy, and quick recipes.  That's what I found with this one; it's a good one.  All four of us decided that it's a keeper!  I made it just as the recipe states, but I added green and yellow peppers as well.

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