Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sometimes You Need a New Plan

We have completed the first week of school at our house.  It was a busy one between my fairly new full-time position, Eleanor's activities, and an exchange student being part of our family this year.  I had planned ahead for meals since we were gone the weekend before the start of school and came home to activities that evening.  There wasn't even a minute to pause.  I had put together a menu plan before we had left for the weekend so I could quickly run to the grocery store while the girls were at swim practice.

The plan worked well.  The first day of school was followed by a swim meet, so I made a crockpot dinner before leaving the house in the morning.  Ah, good plan since we got home around 8:30 that night and everyone was hungry.  The next night I had planned for a soup.  Smart?  I thought so since it would be a fairly quick and healthy one pot meal.  But, wait!  it was a hot and humid day.  I decided to use many of those items and make sandwiches instead.  This ended up being met with rave reviews by both girls and requests to have sandwiches with all the vegetables again.

The panini maker came to the rescue....used it for grilling slices of eggplant, red pepper, and red onion.  Along with some slice sausage and grilled French bread and a bit of feta cheese....a great meal.  Everyone asked that we have this again.  It was basically the soup ingredients made into sandwiches:)

As we adjust in this household to our overall changes, I need to adapt to my new lack of blogging time.  Some of this is due to two teenagers needing to use our shared laptop for homework...and some of it is because I just have a few too many things going on at the moment.

I am happy to report that we are still eating (mostly) homecooked meals with fruits and vegetables.  I am still exercising (but haven't done body pump in a few weeks), bills have been paid on time, exchange student adapting, own child adjusting to the new school year, house is clean.  OK, so I haven't been a prolific blogger but I expect that will come in line as we go through this period.  Or I may blog less frequently.  Or all of the above.

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