Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spiced Latte with Caramel Sauce

From Confections of a Foodie Bride
I found this recipe while wandering around cyberspace the other day.  So many fun things to find.  I'm not thinking that this type of thing brings out the best in me.  That is, my productive task oreinted nature seems to go away while I wander around looking from food blog to food blog.  I'm not even sure of my exact path that got me to the webiste listed above; however, I'm glad that I found it.

We don't have cable TV.  It's for the same type of reason related to my poor timing.  I know that I can watch show after show...and suddently an entire afternoon is gone.  My SIL thinks that if we had cable we would have some self control, but I don't think so.  I admit I have been a bit like this my entire life.  I remember looking up something in an encyclopedia (yes, the precursor to wikipedia, folks) and getting sidetracked.  I guess it's a good think I have a bit more stucture in my day...because there are so many great blogs out there.  In fact, it made me feel a little bit bad about myself.  I took a deep breath and realized that I may not have the most awesome photography and multiple dish sets for photography or the right lighting for photos, or even the "print page" button on each blog right now, but I am finding blogging fun.  I guess if I waited for everything to be perfect it wouldn't really happen for me.  It is easy to critique someone else's work, but the fact is there are many of us actually doing it.  It's like watching a large person run, I guess.  You have to say, "good for you"!

What I'm most impressed by, as I troll through other blogs, is the energy in these blogs.  The great photograhy and the enthusiasm.  It seems that most of these food bloggers are very young.  I love that cooking is cool (along with knitting...whoda thunk it) and talking about cooking is cool. 

Back to the blog where I got this recipe.  I love everything about it...the cute design the clever name, and the caramel sauce.  Can I just tell you how much I love the caramel sauce?  I'm a sucker for anything with the words "salted" and "caramel".  Neither word alone does anything for me, but if you put them together I want to make it.  And I did with my sea salt from Sicily. 

The spicy latte syrup was delicious and the caramel sauce was fabulous.  My only substituion in this was 1 t or so of vanilla instead of using the vanilla pods.  My guess is that it would be better with the vanilla beans, but I was doing this without running to the store. 

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  1. Love salted foods---carmel, licorice, fudge, kettle korn. Love that salty sweet balance.